Saturday, December 16, 2017

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 30 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Alex Sloane - "The L Word"

2. Amanda Mair - "Empty Blockings"

3. Anna Leone - "I Never Really"

4. Baker Grace - "Day I Die"

5. Bloom Twins - "Talk To Me"

6. Cappa - "Waste My Time"

7. Chlöe Howl - "Do It Alone"

8. Cover Drive - "Love Isn't Easy"

9. CXLOE - "Tough Love"

10. Danica Hunter - "Diamond"

11. dodie - "In The Middle"

12. Doe Paoro - "Second Door"

13. DWNTWN - "Lonely"

14. Fieh - "Glu"

15. Gavin Turek - "Good Look For You"

16. Gezza - "Fall In Love"

17. Helen - "Heartless"

18. Janice - "Queen"

19. JONES - "Something Bout Our Love"

20. Julie Bergan - "Incapable"

21. KING - "Poetry"

22. Louam - "All Cool"

23. Lyza Jane (feat. Bisk) - "Easy"

24. Pip the Pansy - "Overboard"

25. Rainbow Chan - "The Creator"

26. Squidgenini - "Watched By U"

27. Transviolet - "Pretty Head"

28. Vi - "Wait"

29. Weslee - "Boy Like You"

30. Zoe Nash - "Rather Die"

Friday, December 15, 2017

New Music Friday #38

1. Barrett Marshall (feat. Trizia Agpoon) - "Mess"

2. Carmody - "The Ways Of Your Love"

3. Catila - "Like That"

4. Devon Baldwin - "Shot For Me"

5. GLADES - "Do Right"

6. Grace Weber - "Elated"

7. Helen - "Heartless"

8. Janine - "Never The Right Time"

9. Jen Miller - "No Good"

10. Laure Z - "Girls Don't Wait"

11. Majo - "Miracle"

12. Noita - "Lie to Me"

13. Nyxen - "In The City"

14. Rén with the Mane - "Up And Over"

15. Ruby Wood - "Unconditional"

16. Shalyah Fearing - "I'll Get Over You"

17. Tessa Rae - "Nowhere Man"

18. Ulrika - "Fire"

19. Violetta Zironi - "Toast"

20. Wafia – "Only Love"

Five For Friday #Remixes

1. Billie Eilish - "Watch" (Xie Remix)

2. Chappell Roan - "Good Hurt" (Aevion Remix)

3. Lorde - "Dynamite" (Midnight Pool Party Remix)

4. Sophie Rose - "Two Young Lovers" (Boehm Remix)

5. Tei Shi - "Say You Do" (Nick Talos Remix)

Zoe Nash - Rather Die

Having recently been featured as a guest vocalist on G-Eazy's track "The Beautiful & Damned", which is also the title track off his brand new album, 27-year-old Los Angeles-based songstress Zoe Nash steps out into the spotlight today with the release of her debut single called "Rather Die", a defiant yet deeply vulnerable track that delivers politically charged lyrics ("Truth ain't truth when fear consumes") and a chorus that gets more pointed and personal in speaking out against hate ("I'd rather die than be like you"). With her unique, raspy vocals draped over lush, electronic production, "Rather Die" immediately marks Zoe Nash as an artist to watch in 2018.

Speaking on the track, Zoe Nash explans:

"'Rather Die' was written in response to all of the hate and ignorance that has been given such a powerful platform. It came from thinking about everyone, especially kids, affected by all of this hate, and how they're being told that they shouldn't be who they really are - that who they are is worthless. The song is my way of telling them, despite and in spite of it all, "You gotta do you - nothing will kill [it] faster.'"

Watch the lyric video for "Rather Die" below.

"Rather Die" is available now on iTunes.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Squidgenini - Watched By U

After having released arguably one of this year's best songs ("Alligator"), Melbourne-via-Brisbane artist Squidgenini returns with her new single called "Watched By U", that in her own words, is "a love song dedicated to the sacred mirrors in life." She goes on to explain: "We live in an increasingly digital world where we are constantly watching and analysing each other and ourselves. Not only that, but this incessant analysing and reflection seems very much a way of life."

For the single's accompanying music video, which was shot in South West Victoria, Squidgenini and her team acknowledge the traditional owners, the Gunditjmara people and pay their respects to the elders, both past and present. They acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded and that this is stolen land. Partnering with her pals Maria Bui (cinematography), Ellen Taylor (editing) and Sadie Prego (computer graphics), the group brought "Watched By U" together by way of a DIY masterpiece that touches the soul and provokes the viewer to ponder the meaning of the track and how one may analyse oneself and others, whether it's constructive or damaging.

"Watched By U" not only demonstrates Squidgenini's growth as an artist but also personal growth in all aspects. Stripping bare - literally - Squidgenini has shown her vulnerable side when you have nothing to hide behind, being your true self without using clothes as a mask.

"I feel like everything we do is always watched by something higher. Something greater than 'us'", says Squidgenini. "Even now, we are watched by all the technology we have created for ourselves. We are always being surveilled. But this seems to be how we learn and grow as humans. Life is constant communication and reflection."

Check out the video for "Watched By U" below.

"Watched By U" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Purple Sneakers.