Friday, July 28, 2017

Truitt & Light House - Tokyo

Nashville-based duo Truitt are right up there alongside XYLØ and Paperwhite are one of favorite brother-sister duos. Comprised of Brett and Brigetta Truitt, the siblings have today unveiled their brand new single called "Tokyo", a dreamy and euphoric electronic dance-pop gem which was produced in collaboration with Light House.

Speaking on the track, Truitt explains:

"'Tokyo' is a representation of an exotic and vibrant experience you could share with someone, but being overwhelmed with logistics. We had a few different versions of the track, but when we heard Light House's interpretation of it, the song came to life and gave us that euphoric feeling we wanted people to feel when we wrote the lyrics."

Listen to "Tokyo" below.

"Tokyo" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via PopCrush.

Nakita - In The Water

18-year-old New Zealand-based singer/songwriter Nakita has today delivered another compelling electronic pop gem called "In The Water", which serves as the first taste of new music she has shared since her 5-song debut EP, Foolish Ones, was released back in May.

Listen to "In The Water" below.

"In The Water" is available now on iTunes.

Sabella - Fortress

After having released her debut EP, Home Truths on Best Fit Recordings back in mid-2015, 22-year-old singer/songwriter Poppy Haddigan aka Sabella now returns with her long-awaited new single called "Fortress", which finds the Glastonbury native delivering an accessible, sultry pop anthem, as glistening synths overlap with dance and R&B beats while Sabella's incredible vocals power the track forwards. Sabella worked with producer Couros on "Fortress" as well as with Jim Irvin (Lana Del Rey/Jesse Glynne), The Six (Rudimental) and Dan Bartlett (Kyko) on additional tracks that will be released later in the year.

Speaking on the track, Sabella says:

"'Fortress' is about a fortress of your mind. It’s meant to be a very free thing – like, ‘I’ll go in to my own world , I’ll build a fortress around me.’ Turn off your peripheral vision and don’t look beyond what you are."

Listen to "Fortress" below.

"Fortress" is available now on iTunes.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nina Luna - Summer Midnight Mixtape

Today, one of our longtime favorite artists, Nina Luna, who lately has been splitting her time between L.A. and New York, has gifted her fans with not one, but three new songs: "Faster", "Desperado", and "Present", all packaged together and released as her Summer Midnight Mixtape. While "Desperado" is actually a cover of a Rihanna's song off her 2016 album, Anti, all three tracks are gorgeous, piano-driven pop ballads that once again showcase Nina's powerful singing voice and prowess as a truly gifted songwriter and producer.

Speaking on the release, Nina says:

"It feels more honest to release these three songs into the world all at once, rather than as strategized singles; releasing them feels like closure on this particular artistic and emotional phase. To me 'Summer Midnight Mixtape' is a cool respite from the dog days of the season and I hope it can offer the same to you. "

Stream Nina Luna's Summer Midnight Mixtape in its entirety below.

TRISTN - Anywhere But Here

New York-based songstress TRISTN, who first came to our attention back in early June with her previous single "Sky Wide Open", is back with yet another anthemic and upbeat alternative pop/rock gem called "Anywhere But Here", which also serves as the latest single to be lifted from her upcoming debut album, January, due for release on September 8th. The track was produced by TRISTN herself along with Steve Kupillas (Oak and Ash, Brand New).

Speaking on the track, TRISTN says:

"'Anywhere But Here' is my favorite song in this album. It's about escaping from a frustrating, sad reality – feeling trapped most of my childhood. When I was a kid, I was absolutely fearless. I miss that feeling, really believing that anything is possible. I wrote it when I was feeling trapped, and I wanted to remind myself of the brave little kid I was – how amazing it must be to be fearless again."

Listen to "Anywhere But Here" below.

"Anywhere But Here" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Live in Limbo.