Monday, May 21, 2018

Raphaella - Read My Mind

With over 60 millions plays and counting on Spotify and having spent a busy 2017 collaborating with some of the UK's most exciting talent, inlcuding Rudimental, MNEK, Steel Banglez and MIST, it's no wonder why Raphaella is considered to be one of the industries most in-demand producers and writers at the moment. Now she's back with her latest offering called "Read My Mind", which also serves as the third single following "Imagine" and "Love-Sick" to be lifted from her upcoming EP, also titled Imagine. "Read My Mind" offers a slick, frank and vulnerable window into her world. Effortlessly transitioning from stark lyricism to an effortlessly melodic and inventive chorus, this is another vintage mark of the North London-based beatmaker and artist.

Speaking on the track, Raphaella explains:

"I wrote 'Read My Mind' after seeing someone for the first time after having broken up with them, and it's that feeling when everything feels the same but different at the same time.
You still have those feelings for them, but now the circumstances have changed so you can't say the things or do the things you normally would have. I wanted to say I still loved them but couldn't, and in my head I was just thinking if only you could read my mind."

"I began layering up synths with my Prophet and Juno as I'm a massive Analogue head, and then just put myself on record and freestyled the majority of the lyrics and melodies including the drop. I was just playing around and decided to pitch/vocoder the chorus melody and that was a real moment for me because I suddenly knew exactly what kind of song I wanted it to be. When I was with this person there were a thousand things I wanted to say but couldn't and so all these pitched and vocoder vocals coming in and out were like all those thoughts and conversations flying around in my head.

Listen to "Read My Mind" below.

"Read My Mind" is available now on iTunes.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 22 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Arctic Lake - "What You May Find"

2. BATTS - "Shame"

3. Britt Rion - "Hide"

4. Charlee Remitz - "The Leftovers"

5. Clashingedge - "Empty Dream"

6. ELKI - "Movie"

7. G Flip - "Killing My Time" (Lyric Video)

8. Hindu - "Gorgeous"

9. Ina Wroldsen - "Remember Me"

10. JOYNER - "Blue Love"

11. Kate Lomas - "Sweet Strange Days" (Lyric Video)

12. King Princess - "Talia"

13. Laolu - "How To Feel"

14. Laura Jean Anderson - "Silence Won't Help Me Now"

15. Linying - "Tall Order"

16. Lucy & La Mer (feat. Bugsy) - "Rebel Babe"

17. Madilyn Bailey - "Drunk On A Feeling"

18. Naaz - "As Fun"

19. Nedelle Torrisi - "Rich Kids World"

20. Odette - "Take It To The Heart"

21. Sigrid - "High Five"

22. Violet Days - "Just A Little"

Friday, May 18, 2018

New Music Friday #58

1. Aaricia - "Closer"

2. Anna Aaron - "Why Not"

3. Aurora Shields - "Only You Can Make Me Blue"

4. Barli - "Sunday Best"

5. Betty Who - "Taste"

6. Britt Rion - "Hide"

7. Carlie Hanson - "Mood"

8. Caswell - "Everyone Knows"

9. Chelsea Cutler - "The Reason"

10. Clara Mae & Jake Miller - "Better Me Better You"

11. CLARA-NOVA - "Electric"

12. CRÈME - "Deed"

13. Ea Kaya - "Tied Up"

14. ELA Lindsey - "Healing Me Slow"

15. Elle Watson - "Lost"

16. Eves Karydas - "Couch"

17. GRANT - "Catcher in the Rye"

18. Hannah Grace - "Oh River"

19. iiola - "Don't Shut Me Up"

20. Lia Marie Johnson - "Champagne"

21. Madi Wolf - "Used To This"

22. Maribelle - "I'm a Mess Without You"

23. Natalie Madigan - "I Don't"

24. Nicole Millar - "No Strings"

25. Olive B - "Joey Moon"

26. Olivia Eliasson - "Priorities"

27. Paige Bea - "Your Echo"

28. Ralph (feat. TOBi) - "Girl Next Door"

29. Rebecca & Fiona (feat. Derek Pope) - "Fool's Gold"

30. Sara Kendall - "You Don't Own It"

31. SIRÉN - "Someday"

32. Sophia Black (feat. LunchMoney Lewis) - "Blessed"

33. Sophie Fay - "Damaged"

34. Tessa Rae (feat. In.Drip.) - "Downtown"

35. UV - "Defender"

For your convenience, you can stream all these great songs and a lot more on our New Music Friday playlist on Spotify here.

Felicity - Pilot with a Fear of Heights

Australian-born, Cape Town-raised and now New York City-based singer/songwriter Felicity has today released her explosive debut single called "Pilot with a Fear of Heights", which was produced by Grammy award winner Brian Kierulf (Lady Gaga, Britney Spears).
Written from a "timid place," the turbulence-inspired and anthemic-like track tackles the complex fear of destiny as it relates to love. Over soaring, gospel-tinged back-up vocals and delicate piano chords, the singer's raspy-sweet soprano soars to begin the seemingly mournful cut with "I'm treading water, like a preacher's daughter." But as soon the sucker punch of a hook rushes in, it's clear the pop upstart's debut is gunning for song of the summer status.

"'Pilot with a Fear of Heights' is a song I wrote from a timid place. I wanted so badly not to want this person but ultimately being with him was my destiny," says Felicity. "That's exactly what this song is about; a fear of destiny, a pilot whose job is to literally be in the sky, navigating a plane but is ultimately terrified of the largest component of the act (the height). Conceptually I came up with the idea while actually on a plane myself. I brought the idea into the studio the next day and the song basically wrote itself. Sonically I wanted it to be turbulent, which is why the song is slow until the first chorus hits, like a jolt of unexpected turbulence in your ears, then I got the lyrics to match and from there the song felt complete."

Listen to "Pilot With A Fear Of Heights" below.

"Pilot With A Fear Of Heights" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Billboard.

THRILL YOU KILL YOU - Never Even Really

Introducing THRILL YOU KILL YOU, the new indie/post-punk/electronica project fronted by Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Fei-Fei. Today, THRILL YOU KILL YOU has shared her debut single called "Never Even Really", which showcases an evolution of her sound and reveals a more vulnerable and rebellious side. A testament to the strength of one woman, the entire project is written, produced and recorded solely by Fei-Fei herself.

"I used to shut out the softer, emotional side of myself. I spent most of my life putting up walls, developing thick skin. This is the first time I've been brave enough to just be me," she explains. "I truly hope one day I will inspire other girls and women to believe in themselves and fucking go for it. I want more visibility, more female producers, engineers, DIY role models for the next generation."

Fighting her demons became a sort of therapy and simultaneously birthed the most organic and potent sounds. TYKY is the tumultuous journey of falling in love, falling out of love, and saying fuck you.

Listen to "Never Even Really" below and expect a lot more new music from THRILL YOU KILL YOU in the coming months as she is currently preparing for the release of her self-titled debut EP, which is slated to drop sometime later this year.

"Never Even Really" is available now on iTunes.