Saturday, February 24, 2018

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 27 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Alex Hepburn - "I Believe"

2. Ana Zimmer - "Sensitive" (Lyrics Video)

3. Au/Ra - "Panic Room"

4. Betty Who - "Ignore Me"

5. Delphi Freeman - "Going Down"

6. Elohim - "Fuck Your Money"

7. Esther Vallee - "Hardcore"

8. For Esmé - "Doubtmouth" (Lyrics Video)

9. Goldilox - "Michael's Song"

10. Julie Bergan - "Us"

11. Julie Bergan - "I'm Good"

12. Kailee Morgue - "Ghost Of Mine" (Lyric Video)

13. King Princess - "1950"

14. Kitten - "I Did It!"

15. Let's Eat Grandma - "Hot Pink"

16. Let's Mars - "Dedicated"

17. Liyv - "Bend The Rules"

18. Marian Hill - "Subtle Thing"

19. MEDS - "Another Lady"

20. Millie Turner - "You And I"

21. Robinson - "Nothing To Regret"

22. Seavera - "Make Me Uncomfortable"

23. Shaqdi - "Colorless"

24. Speedy Ortiz - "Lucky 88"

25. Tyne - "I'd Like That"

26. Victoria Celestine - "Can You Hear The Echo?"

27. Yuno - "No Going Back"

Friday, February 23, 2018

New Music Friday #46 [Massive Playlist]

1. The Aces - "Lovin' is Bible"

2. ASTR - "Ritual"

3. Bishop Briggs - "White Flag"

4. Clara Mae - "I Forgot"

5. CUT_ - "It's On"

6. DAANI - "Two Hands"

7. Ellie Occleston - "Splinters"

8. Felix Cartal (feat. REGN) - "Runaway"

9. Gia Koka (feat. Danny Seth) - "ASAP"

10. Halie - "Youth"

11. India Sweeney - "To The Ground"

12. Jazz Morley - "Me And My Mind"

13. Jessie Frye - "Why So Serious? (It's Just Love)"

14. July Child - "Naked"

15. KIDDO - "Trouble"

16. Linn Koch-Emmery - "Wires"

17. KLP (feat. Milwaukee Banks) - "Carried Away"

18. Liyv - "Bend The Rules"

19. Little Boots - "Shadows"

20. Lizzie Loveless - "You Don't Know"

21. MEDS - "Another Lady"

22. Oklou - "They Can't Hear Me"

23. O-SHiN - "Aimless"

24. Philosofie - "Steal Me"

25. Robinson - "Nothing To Regret"

26. Ruby Francis - "Drip Drop"

27. Shaqdi - "Colorless"

28. SIRÉN - "Good"

29. Smith & Thell - "Dumb"

30. Svrcina - "Whispers"

31. Woodes - "Still So Young"

32. Y.A.S - "Vibrations"

Alexx Mack - Wine In Bed

It's no big secret that Jupiter, Florida-raised, Los Angles-based singer/songwriter Alexx Mack is indeed one of our longtime favorites here at WS headquarters, having been an avid fans of hers ever since she released "Bad" in early 2015. Now following the release of her previous two singles, "Your Car" (featuring EXES) and "Whatever I Want", Alexx makes a welcome return today with her latest offering entitled "Wine In Bed". Produced by Alex Flagstad (guitarist of L.A. outfit The Heirs), "Wine In Bed" is a confessional pop masterpiece inspired by Alex's own toxic coping mechanisms and the concept of pushing away the good things in your life for self-destructive patterns.

Speaking on the track, Alexx says:

"'Wine in Bed' is about me learning that my coping methods were adding to the toxicity in my life and relationships. I would drink and cross my fingers to feel better, and almost every time, I'd end up making another mistake. I thought that every sign was pointing to me needing to be alone. The truth was that I was pushing everything good in my life away."

Listen to "Wine In Bed" below

"Wine In Bed" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Nylon.

Hanne Leland - Carry On

Norwegian-born, London-based singer/songwriter Hanne Leland has just released her brand new single called "Carry On", an upbeat, fun and optimistic electro-pop anthem which was co-written and produced in collaboration with 7x Juno Award-winning producer Brian West (Sia, Nelly Furtado) and Grammy-winning songwriter Chin Injeti (Drake, Eminem, P!nk).

Speaking on the track, Hanne explains:

"'Carry On' was written in a writing session in LA last year. I wrote the lyrics right after another horrific terror attack had taken place, and I remember having such a difficult time dealing with it, even though I wasn't personally affected. I didn't want to dwell on the bad stuff though, so I focused all my energy on creating something positive and powerful, and that's how 'Carry On' came about. It's an uplifting song about finding the strength to move on with our lives, and stand together in unity and love, despite the chaos around us. It ended up being this really groovy electro-pop song that I hope people with feel inspired by."

Listen to "Carry On" below.

"Carry On" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Clash.

Meekha - Chains

Portland-based (via Denver) singer/songwriter Meekha has today released her brand new single called "Chains", a deeply emotive pop song which was written and produced in collaboration with Matthew Heath and Gray Griggs. "Chains" also serves as the second single following "Young" to be taken from her upcoming debut EP, Mercury In Retrograde, due out later this year.

Speaking on the track, Meekha says:

"We began writing 'Chains' on a very personal level to me, based on specific times in my life where I have felt stuck and powerless but realized my life is only in my hands and I can make any change I set out for and work hard for. We quickly realized this story was a very relevant and universal theme in our society as of late. I hope it can give hope and strength to people in any and all types of difficult situations."

Listen to "Chains" below.

"Chains" is available now on iTunes.